Things About Me: I Live in Los Angeles

January 15, 2012 § 4 Comments

So, starting a new blog usually means “introducing the world to yourself” by starting with some post about who you are.  Well, I tend to write a lot of words about everything, so one post about ME would easily be too long and would have everybody running from the site as if I just got your phone number and the first text I sent you was a dick pic.

Instead, I’ll just have a series of posts about who I am and whats makes “Kenneth”

First of all, I mostly go by Kenny.  Kenneth is my alter-ego that’s much smarter and more handsome than “Kenny” is.  So let’s keep up this charade where I am charming and handsome for as long as possible, k?

Originally, I am from Bellevue, Washington which is just east of Seattle.  It’s been described as “swanky” by people in the Pacific Northwest because it’s a place where a lot of rich folks live, like Ichiro.  Truth be told, Bellevue can be very swanky, but it’s also a pretty big suburb and has both the “rich parts” and the “middle America” parts.  No, there isn’t a ghetto of Bellevue, but it’s not like everyone that lives there is rich.

I’m not rich and I never was.

I spent my whole life in Washington and went to Washington State University in Pullman, a town in Eastern Washington that’s anything but “swanky.”  It’s more like “Hilary Swanky” from Boys Don’t Cry.  It’s farm country and the drunk capital of Washington.

While there I discovered a love of writing and video editing.  Eventually, this is what led to my desire to one day move to Los Angeles, the epicenter for movie-making.  It just made sense.  Three years after graduation, I finally packed my things and made the move, without a job or any prospects, just some savings and a place to live.

I have now spent the last three years (almost) in L.A. and here is what I think about it:

  • There’s a lot to do here.  Seattle is a great city and there’s a lot of positives to living there, but you better know that you are a “Seattle person” before you do live there.  L.A. has dozens of different areas that are completely different from one another.  You can find what area of L.A. best suits you and just go live there.  Hollywood has so many free or inexpensive comedy and music shows of some of the best comics and artists in the world.  There are a bunch of different beaches with their own style.  Basically, you shouldn’t get bored in your first five years of living in L.A. and if you do, then you aren’t trying hard enough or aren’t drinking enough.
  • Dating is easier than Seattle.  There are a lot of young people in L.A. and it’s easy to find someone that’s somewhat like you because many of us were brought to L.A. for the same reasons.  Trying to use a dating website in a place like Bellevue will only give you so many options.  Doing so in a city with millions of people is like shooting girls in a barrel.
  • So much good food.  The hard part about having lots of good food in L.A. is that there is sort of this added pressure to look good and be fit here, but they keep presenting you with all of these amazing food options.  I mean shit, it’s so easy to find food here that they literally drive it around in trucks and find you.  Maybe you are just trying to go for a jog and mind your own business and then all of a sudden there are 15 food trucks lined up in front of you, bombarding you with the aroma of tacos and burritos.  It’s a total mindfuck.  What do you want me to be, L.A.?  Fat or fit?
  • Girls are pretty.  Not going to lie, lots of pretty girls.  And not all of them are pretentious!
  • So many different neighborhoods that can satisfy all walks of life.  I just want to emphasize again what I said earlier.  There’s a lot to do in L.A. but a lot of that has to do with how diverse the city is.  When people think of L.A., I think they always think about Hollywood, movie stars, or Beverly Hills.  It’s got that “hip” almost ’90s-esque bravado of Brenda Walsh, L.A. Law,  or L.A. Looks:


  • cont’d: but the fact of the matter is that L.A. isn’t just all of that.  It’s a small part of it.  Yes, there are rich people.  Yes, you will see famous people sometimes (I still think the most famous person I’ve spotted is Mario Lopez and I’ve been here for three years.  Oh, I just saw “E” from Entourage, and its confirmed that he’s a total douchebag.)  But it’s also just a really big city.  You think you’ll see famous people all the time but you really have to congregate in the right areas all of the time.  Where I live, you won’t see them. There’s millions of people here, and only a couple thousand of them are famous.  Just do the math.
  • You can still get away with being broke.  L.A. has this large faction of people known as “hipsters” and while you never want to be a hipster, you can also benefit from their presence.  Hipsters like everything that’s not cool and therefore, it becomes cool.  Once it becomes cool, then it’s not cool anymore, which sort of makes it cool, am I right hipsters?  If Taylor Lautner is ever spotted drinking a PBR, then the hipster community will be shattered.  On the bright side, I just bought a 1993 Volvo 940 Turbo Stationwagon when I desperately just needed a car, and yet is it bad that I drive this car?  No, it’s actually kind of “hipster” and though I don’t consider myself part of that breed, I can get away with it in this town.  I could have never driven this car in Bellevue and gotten a date, while here in L.A. I average like 1.5 dates every six months.

So, this is where I live now.  It hasn’t treated me too badly.  I am still pursuing the dream and living in Los Angeles keeps me close to that and close to a lot of people that can be part of an amazing support group or network.

Living in Bellevue only kept me close to Ichiro.

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§ 4 Responses to Things About Me: I Live in Los Angeles

  • hey man. Ray here. What is it about Bellevue that pushed you to move? From reading your post here, and you are really opening up, it sounds like you didn’t like Bellevue a whole lot. Could be wrong. Your last sentence was kind of cold.

    • Hey Ray!
      No, love Bellevue, it’s my home. But when you spend 25 years in one place (basically) it’s time to move on, in my opinion. The last sentence just applied to the fact that being in the Northwest doesn’t allow me to follow my dreams like living in LA does. Thanks for reading!

  • Kate Hackett says:

    1.5 dates every six months? How’s your average? Still maintaining? Need some assistance?!

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