Live Blogging: Full House Drinking Game

February 9, 2012 § 6 Comments

Trying something new tonight.

My roommate Jon and I have a Full House drinking game.  I’m going to be live-blogging it in an effort to see what happens when I A) Live Blog and more importantly B) Blog when I’m drunk.

I don’t know what I hope to accomplish but I know what I hope I don’t accomplish: Breaking the shit out of my MacBook.  I just bought this son of a bitch like two months ago.

Here are the rules to the Full House drinking game:

Drink when

  • Danny mentions cleaning
  • A catch phrase is used, such as: “You got it dude,” “How rude,” “Have mercy,” or “Cut. It. Out.”
  • When somebody says Comet
  • When somebody makes fun of Kimmy Gibler
  • When Jesse mentions his hair
  • When Joey does a voice
  • When “the music” plays
  • When there’s a hug

To start out this game, I’ll be drinking a large Arrogant Bastard, and then moving onto Coors Light when that’s done.  Because it’s a lot easier to drink shitty bear if you pre-game with a good beer.  I pre-funk beer with beer.

We’re also going to be trying to Podcast this experiment, and we’ll see what happens.  If it turns into something listenable, then I’ll share it.  Honestly, I’ve never podcasted before, so who knows!  Probably useless!

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the night.  First update coming soon!

6:57 – Had a shot of Makers Mark and half of my Arrogant Bastard.  The festivities begin in 5 minutes!!!!!!

7:04 – Podcast begins…. NOW!  Well, for me.  That doesn’t mean shit to you right now.  We will be watching season 1, episode 13, entitled “Sisterly Love”  DJ Auditions for a cereal commercial.  “Green eyed monster” is in the description.

7:15 – 5 minutes into the podcast. Pretty drunk already. Kinda.  Hard to write, podcast, and watch Full House.

7:29 – Getting kind of drunk, but still typing pretty well.  This is not yet successful!

Talking about Leonardo DiCaprio, and our biggest crushes in high school.  This is probably a major fail.  But that’s okay.  Fails are what make the world collapse.

7:35 – One episode down!  Basically watched none of it, but did continue to drink and get drunk.  Have any of you ever gotten drunk before?

7:47 – Onto season 8, episode 1. We skipped over ALL of the good Michelle seasons.


7:53 – Roger Lodge of Blind Date is the dummer in Jesse and the Rippers.

8:00 – This is DJs boyfriend for a short moment in season 8:


8:02 – We can NEVER release this podcast.  It’s the most offensive thing ever.

8:26 – How can I get a drunker to make this more entertaining? I’m drinking as hard as I can!!!

8:27 – We are now watching season 4, episode 21. “The Hole In The Wall Gane”

I mean gang! First fuck up!

Okay, let’s talk about this episode for a second, its one of the most interesting episodes of a TV show ever.  Most shows have a moral and people learn their lesson.  HOWEVER!  In this episode, DJ and Stephanie make a hole in Danny’s bedroom wall and cover it up.  You’d think they get caught and that Danny talks to them about fucking up, but NO.  They get away with it and sing the “Dad dad dad” song and NEVER GET CAUGHT.  Visa vee, they never learn a lesson! They never learn that it’s wrong to fuck up someone else’s property.  The moral is “Fuck up, cover it up, you’ll  be okay.”

That’s what makes it one of the most important episodes of television ever, because the show that’s all about morals says, “FUCK MORALS!  WE DO WHAT WE WANT! We’ll get away With it!”

Full House, The Hole In The Wall Gang.

8:42 – OK.  Update.  Still getting drunk but hard to pay attention to Full House.  Now listening to Music.  However, when I typed Houe it didn’t come up as an incorrect spelling so I’ll have to find out what Houe means.

Houp has a squiggly red line.

Hore doesn’t.

Houas does.

Housr does.

Huse does NOT.



8:45 – Do you ever Tweet my articles or follow me on Twitter?  @casetines  Shameless plug.

8:46 – I think I’ll learn a lot about myself through this process.  By the way, I talked to the girl that “dumped” me yesterday.  She read what I wrote about her.  It was… “interesting.”

8:52 – I think I know now why people don’t podcast drunk. ITS HARD. But I am determined to master it.

Cause I drink a lot.

Okay, which character on Full House is the hottest:

Becky, THEN.


Stephanie, NOW

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, NOW


I say… it’s like this:

DJ Now (Candace Cameron)

Becky, THEN

Stephanie NOW (Sweeten)

And the Olsen Twins now.

Mary Kate and Ashley spiked in the whole “18 countdown” and then got weird.  But seriously, am I right?

8:58 – Let’s find a way to make a funny full house picture, shall we?

9:06 – Thats pretty ridiculously hot though huh?

I worked as an extra on a show here in Hollywood a couple of years ago and saw Candace Cameron, because she was on the show.  It was about gymnastics.  Eight is enough or something, it was called.  She looks pretty good.

9:13 – What’s your 10 favorite 80s songs?

9:20 – Lost track of everything. Most important key about tonight: Keep your fingers on the home row and you won’t fuck up your typing.  That shit is so engrained into your psyche that it’s insane.  Ooh, I just got a text back from this girl. While I typed this. And now I’m telling you. Why though?  Either you don’t care or you do by you don’t know the context.  Okay, here’s the context: We went out once. She’s six years older than me, but she’s so gorgeous.  That’s the context?  damn, i need ot work on finding better context.  oh, i guess i stopped caring about fixing my spelling. is that how you know youre drunk?  i guess so.

9:30 – I am still drinking.  Now we are listening to music. Sorry Full House?

9:38 – Apparently, I temporarily changed the name of this post to “QZ”  Which I don’t remember doing but this is what happens people.  It reminds me of Queensland.  I’ve been there BEE TEE DUBS.  Its awesome.  Go live in Australia.

Holy shit, I stopped talking about Full House for TOO LONg.  Let’s talk about it.  Jodi Sweetin… what a hottie.  Stopp smoking that crank, amirite?

9:44 – Remember that picture of Jodi Sweetin?


Holy shit.

9:49 – It’s time to look at candace cameron though, am i right?

Oh Mylanta?  She was a bit thicker when I met her.  I don’t discriminate between thick or skinny.  I just don’t remember her being this


She definitely looks like she passed out on a treadmill a time or two.

9:53- have you ever tried to crumble your own empire?

10:02 – doing this alone now. is anyone still with me? im drinking and listening to music. holy shit this live blog became a chatroom of sort didnt it? except no one is chatting with me. Lol? or lol :(?  lol.

10:06 – has it really only been four minutes?

10:16 – okay, what does kimmy gibler look like now?

kimmy gibbler now

yep.  that’s about right.

10:27 – It’s almost 10:30 and I’m considering getting dressed and going out.  This is how I get “crunk” as it were.  I believe it was Shakespeare that said “If one is to get drunk in a time of the monarchy, than one should get crunk for thy biotches and thy wenches. Am I not right?”

It is now 10:41 and I don’t know if I should stay or should I go.  but… let’s look at Becky?

Lori Loughlin... daddy likey


Am I a horrible person?  She’s gorgeous.


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