Hot Girls From My Childhood: Shawnee Smith in The Blob

February 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

We all remember the first time that we saw Shawnee Smith, and for every person that time is different.  Literally, for every person in the world it is different.

For the uneducated, Smith is Amanda in the Saw movies.

For people over 60, she was the girl in Becker.

Or perhaps for you, she was one of the little girls in this 1981 McDonald’s commercial.  I wonder if Shawnee and “other girl” are still best friends?

For me, I first noticed her beautiful face in one of the most underrated horror films of the 80s: The Blob, co-starring Matt Dillon.  No, no, that’s not right.  Well, they couldn’t get Matt Dillon, so they hired the real-life version of Johnny Drama and the actor who plays Johnny Drama: Kevin Dillon.

When Drama recounts his “glory years” on Entourage, he’s basically talking about that time he starred in The Blob and guest starred on Tales from the Crypt.  It took K. Dillon nearly 20 years in the business to finally get the respect needed for him…. to play himself.  Good luck with Johnny Bananas.

Shawnee Smith shared a similar fate.

She has been acting for basically her entire life, and made her on-screen debut in the 1982 version of Annie, when she was 12.  She was 18 when The Blob (I seriously have written blog EVERY TIME and had to re-type it) came out, but co-starring in a righteous special effects horror movie wasn’t enough to put her over the top.

But she did have a bunch of small roles that kept her at the forefront of my fantasies.

Look how cute she is in Summer School (1986)

Then The Blob

Wow, that smile.  Such as in Who’s Harry Crumb? (1989)

And continued to show up in The Stand (1994), The X Files, Leaving Las Vegas (1995), and Armageddon (1998) so that I’d never forget how badly I want to kiss her face.

For most people, it seems that they’ll always know Shawnee as “Amanda in Saw” but most of those movies are shitty.  They might know her as Linda in Becker, but I never watched that shit.  Ted Danson is only funny when he’s on Cheers, Curb, or Whoopie.

The Blob isn’t a great all-around movie, but if you can get past Kevin’s face, it has some great kills, special effects, and most importantly a smile could melt my blob of a heart.

Shawnee, you’re 12 years older than me, but age is just a number.  Besides, when I first fell in love with you, you were only 18.  If anything, I’m a perv for liking a girl so young. Let’s party.

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