Quick Hit Netflix Reviews: Newly Added Movies and TV

February 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Netflix Instant has a bunch of sections when you’ve got it streaming to your TV.  I personally use a PS3.  I’ve found most of what I want to watch on Netflix, and I’ve got my queue with 30 movies that I swear I will watch eventually, but usually I wind up looking for something else to watch.

There’s “New Releases” (that hardly ever change significantly) and the Top 10 for Kenneth (that has maybe 1 movie I’ll add to my queue) and then there’s like 10 sections of movies based on shit I watched or liked before.

I make due, but often I’ll search on the internet to see what hidden gems there are on Instant.

The other night, I watched “I Think We’re Alone Now”, a documentary about two people that are obsessed with the singer Tiffany.  This was interesting to me because Tiffany is hot and I wanted to see what a stalker was like in real life.  It was kinda sad, and the two stalkers had so many life issues, that you sympathize with one of them and just sort of fear what the other one would do if he/she (it’s a hermaphrodite) got exclusive access to Tiffany.  But then I was disappointed because the documentary was kind of amateurish and NEVER INTERVIEWED TIFFANY!  I was waiting the whole time for them to get Tiffany’s side, but they never did.  So I don’t recommend it because it’s kind of uncomfortable to watch too much of these stalkers lives.

That was a paragraph review on one movie.  Here are a bunch of mini-reviews of things I’ve already seen that are in the “Newly Added to Netflix” section…

Quarantine 2 – I like “easy” horror movies that don’t make me think a lot and have interesting settings.  Q2 is set in an airplane.  Zombies and airplanes.  Yeah, it’s worth a watch even if it’s about a 5/10.

Sons of Anarchy – I think I watch SOA because of how bad it is sometimes.  I seriously think that it jumps the shark at least once an episode.  Where else can you find that?

Family Guy – You like it or you don’t.  I do.

DMT – A documentary on one of the craziest drugs that you aren’t taking or perhaps have never heard about.  I know I hadn’t.

AFV – Old episodes of America’s Funniest Home Videos.  A show that became completely pointless after YouTube.  Have you ever tried to watch old episodes of people home movies?  THEY ARE SO BORING AND STUPID!  Crotch shots?  Seriously?  Spend 5 minutes on Youtube and tell me you haven’t had your mind blown way more than it was when you were six.

The League – My review: Season 1 was good.  Season 2 was terrible.  Season 3 was better and Rafi saved the show.

Spaced – Early stuff from Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost.  No Shaun of the Dead fan should go without watching this show.

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking - I’ve only seen the first episode.  But interesting stuff.  I love space and universe documentaries!

Shameless – A good show.  Can’t believe just how shameless they really are.  Seeing William H Macy in a whole new light.  And Emmy Rossum is just beautiful.  (And topless.  There, I said it.  Yeah, it’s a positive.  I was shocked that she goes topless in this show.  Not a lot of young actresses do it.  Why does Anne Hathaway get so much credit?  Emmy Rossum > Anne Hathaway in every way.)

Norm McDonald: Me Doing Standup – Fucking brilliant.

Babel – I don’t even remember this movie.


The Weather Man - One of Nic Cage’s good movies.

Hollow Man – Once in college, our criminal justice teacher had us watch Hollow Man in class.  It took up two classes.  We only had class twice a week.  We spent a week in a college class watching Kevin Bacon rape Rhona Mitra and grope the short-haired redheaded girl.  When it was over the teacher just said “So, what would you do if you were invisible?”

Snake Eyes – One of Nic Cage’s movies that’s so bad it’s good.

Sliders (New Episodes) – One of my favorite shows as a kid, but has aged terribly.  “New Episodes”?  How new?  I’m too afraid to find out, because I know it’s going to be Charlie O’Connell.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog - Hey, I used to watch this!  I was a Sega Genesis kid.

The Phantom – It’s been so long, but I’m willing to give Billy Zane another chance in what must be an awful movie.  Poor Zaney.

Dragon Tattoo Trilogy Extended – Like two hours of extra footage?  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is so good that you don’t need to watch any additional footage.

The Punisher – Oh, I love Thomas Jane.  But watch The Mist.  This movie was not so good.  Okay, it’s worth ONE watch.

How I Met Your Mother – People that I respect like this show.  But I do not like this show.  I think this show is very plain.  I can’t take a laugh track seriously anymore.  That’s why I won’t watch this or The Big Bang Theory unless it’s like Saturday, 2 PM, there’s nothing on, and I can’t find the remote.  Then it’s fine.

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