The Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Experience of Being “Freshly Pressed”

March 9, 2012 § 5 Comments

What a trippy-ass experience these past two days have been.

If any other WordPress bloggers out there are waiting for their moment on the WP FreshlyPressed page, I just wanted to share some of the experience because it’s been somethin’ else.  I can’t be grateful enough to WordPress, my new blog followers, all of you that have hit the like button, all of you that gave the article a read and maybe perused some of my older posts, and all of you that cared to share and comment.  All I have to say is…


It means a lot to me to have you all stop by and maybe stick around for a bit.  I have been working hard at writing for awhile, but this blog was new and for the first time it was a blog that was mine.  It was something that I had created, so recognition feels good.  Yeah, I’ll say it, it feels good and it’s a nice boost of affirmation that hard word pays off and I’ll promise you that: Hard Work Does Pay Off.

I write for five different websites, including this one, and I just started a YouTube channel as well.  That’s about 20 to 25 articles per week plus writing and editing videos that are starring me.  And if you’ve ever looked at me, you’d see why I’m apprehensive about standing in front of a camera!  But all of that hard work slowly turns into a payoff, so if you’re an aspiring blogger, keep at it.  Don’t ever stop.  Write more and when you’re done writing, write again.

I started Kenneth Author back in December and when I navigated around WordPress I saw the FreshlyPressed section and thought, “Damn, I need to get on that!”  Why?  Because in my efforts to become a full-time professional writer, you need to have people read you.  I figured that would be a good start.  So I wrote an email to WordPress asking them how I could make that happen.  This was the email I got back:

This was my reply

I was going to schmooze Karen into putting me to the top of the list so that when I finally wrote something that tickled her fancy, BOOM, I’d be pressed as freshly as my work shirts.  (I don’t iron, and my work shirts are wrinkly, which makes it a terrible analogy.)  I never heard back from Karen.  :(

However, maybe yesterday was the day that finally got Karen’s attention.  Maybe she too has struggled with Online Dating and this was helpful to her so she Pressed it.  Or maybe I just got lucky!  I am a person that writes a lot of words and I am absolutely OBSESSED with research, so when I started to write the post on Online Dating Statistics, I had no idea it would turn into something so long but what can I say… Us online daters have a lot of interesting info.

Suck it offline daters!  You’re not as interesting in 2012!

(With that being said, I fell in love with a number of Gravatars yesterday.  I want to tell some of you “I Love You, Already!” and I also want to tell all of you that I Love You, as well, in a different way.  I am still going through many of your blogs because I’m grateful for a chance to get to know a lot more people on this series of tubes known as “the innanet!”)

Just as an example of the spike in hits that a FP posts gives to a blog like mine, take a look:

All I have to say is “Gadzooks!”  I went from six-to-midnight when I saw my blogs hits go from six-to-midnight, too.  As the freshness of press begins to wear off and as the hundreds of email notifications stop coming in (I feel like a tool when I even speak of this, because I’m a very humble person) it’s giving me a chance to reflect and think “Hey, that was pretty awesome” because everyone likes to know that they’re being seen.  That we’ve done something neat in our corner of the web.

I’ve had prior successes on the Seahawks and TalkNerdyToMeLover websites, things that made me feel googly-moogly inside, but this was especially neat because KennethAuthor is just me.  I made it.  I talk about a lot of random shit, but as days go by, it’s becoming more clear what’s been good and what hasn’t.  I just hope that no matter what the content is, it’s entertaining.

As for Kenneth Author, it’s time to get back to business as usual which usually includes reflections on childhood television, the crushes I had when I was ten, my dating life (but more often that that, Netflix reviews because they happen at a staggeringly higher rate), weight loss and fitness and other things that make me go hmmm. (Arsenio Hall’s entire life is currently in the public domain.  If you ask him to appear at your birthday party he HAS to be there.)  If you’re new to KA, you’ll find that I’m pretty much too honest and shit because I don’t get embarrassed.  I had to let go of shame when I was very young because of my weight problem!  But it’s cool cause now I’m an adult and I can hang and I can stay up as late as I want and spend $400 on candy if I wanted to.

If there’s anything you want to say to me directly, I’ve added a Contact form because I’m super lonely :(.  No, because I’m super nice! That’s what I meant!!!  I’m not lonely, duh.  In regards to the OkCupid post, I’ve learned a LOT from your comments and it’s given me even more perspective and is sort of like bonus research, so that’s awesome, but I want to hear stories FROM YOU!  I want to get deeper into your online dating experiences and maybe you have a question about the horrors of mine, but didn’t want to say it in the comments.  I’ve seen on other sites where people get to interact with their readers and talk about questions and sometimes when I get questions or hear stories, it means half of my article is already written.  I like that.  \Thanks again!

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§ 5 Responses to The Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Experience of Being “Freshly Pressed”

  • tinfield says:

    Clearly you made an impression on Karen A. and she was just biding her time. Don’t forget to follow up on your ‘prophecy’ of a VP title in her future.

    I enjoyed this post & your FreshPressed one. Good work!


  • Like I have said, good work. Keep it up! :)

  • FlappinessIs says:

    I, too, was Freshly Pressed (back in December). It is a wild ride, is it not? I found this while poking around the net looking for other folks’ reactions to being Freshly Pressed. Thanks for the laugh. Loved your letter, btw.

    Now I dream of being Freshly Pressed again. It’s a little like crack. An experience one can get addicted to after just one dose. In my case, it was doubly bad. I actually had a different post go viral a day or two before I got Freshly Pressed. My stats hit 56,000 in one day. As you know, that number stares at me each time I open my Dashboard. Man that high was good. But the fall? What goes up must come down and now I have to actually write something really good to get 1,000 a day.

    I now know what a one-hit wonder feels like. ;)

  • Its my third day of being FP’d and can relate to most things you saying here. Enjoyed the email conversation! :P

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