I’m Still Here

July 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

I know a lot of people make blogs and write 2-3 times a month or less but my plan was never to write that infrequently.  Sometimes you just get blocked on new ideas or don’t like the ideas you’re working on.

I’ve got probably ten things in the queue but am not super happy about any of them right now.  Trying to think of new ideas has gone nowhere.  I’ve also been super busy and just picked up my sixth writing job.  I think that’s something else I could talk about if you wanted to be a writer or really anything:

Keep taking work.

If you really want to excel in a field and get better, keep moving up the ladder, you should really be saying “No” as often as you say “Tara Reid is a good actress.”  In other words, never say that.  It might be overwhelming at times, but overwhelming is good.  Overwhelming is going to be the challenge that keeps you learning, keeps you getting better, and most importantly, keeps you working.

But keeping me working on sports has kept me from working on my own personal work and that’s fine.  This is something that can always be around, even if it’s not updated as frequently.  And frankly, I need to have something to say and not just saying something because it’s been a week.

Like I said, there are things in the queue that could be polished up and ready to go, but also just as frequently a new idea pops in my head and a couple of hours later I have a 2,000 word post.  When I get an idea it’s going to stick in my head until I get it out.  This post isn’t really one of those.  It’s actually the opposite because I don’t have an idea.  Now I’m just writing.

And you read this whole thing!

Stay tuned to Kenneth Author for more stuff coming up.  As soon as I think of it.

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