My 100th Post: Thank You Mom

March 20, 2012 § 7 Comments

For whom the first 99 posts and the rest of my life would not exist.

Go back to what I wrote yesterday and you won’t see my mom.  Go back to what I wrote a week ago and see if it has anything to do with my mom and you’ll find that the answer is obviously “No.”  Go back a month, a year, or decade and none of it really had much to do with my mom.  Sharing a few memories here and there about my childhood and adulthood and sure, there will be mentions of her, but for the most part I have written about sports, movies, and my poor excuse for a dating life.

That is my life: Writing, sports, and movies.  It’s what I live for and what I could never do without and while you won’t usually hear me mention my mom believe this: Not a damn word I’ve written would be possible without her.  It’s not just because of the “miracle of life” and how she brought me into this world, it’s more about how she helped me navigate through it and I can sum that up in one word: Encouragement.

It’s pretty ridiculous to believe that your son is going to write a movie that gets made by Hollywood or that he’ll win an Oscar or “make it big time.”  I mean, it’s downright delusional and the practical thing to tell your kids as they get older is that they’ve got to start focusing on how they’ll find a real job so that they can pay their bills and be financially secure.  That believing you’ll become a professional writer is about as reasonable as believing you’ll be a race car driver or an X-Men superhero.  But I did believe that I’d become a professional writer and I did believe I’d join up with the X-Men and it’s all because of one person…


It was my mom that saw my passion for films when I was very young.  It was my mom that took me to the video store when I was absolutely desperate to see something new.  It was my mom that allowed me to watch horror movies, even if I was a little too young, but only because scary movies were my absolute favorite and without which I would have never become a writer at all.

It was my mom that took me to see movies like The Sandlot, even if I did get those “embarrassed to be seen with Mom” feelings as I got a little bit older.  It was my mom that sent out dozens of letters to my favorite actors and had them send back autographed pictures addressed personally to me.  It was my mom that stopped at Blockbuster on her way home from work one summer day to rent Scream, the movie that made me want to write.  It was my mom that setup a “Hollywood themed” college graduation party.  It was all my mom… the same person that gave me this dorky personality.  :)

My mom was the one that followed my sports writing, even if she didn’t care for sports.  My mom was the one that encouraged me to move to Los Angeles three years ago, even if it did mean that I was quitting my job without a new job waiting for me in LA.  Every single bit of my inspiration to be a writer, from John McClain in Die Hard to Punky Brewster and MC Hammer, has at least one fingerprint left on it by a certain person; My Mom.

If I sat here and told you that raising two kids as a single parent wasn’t easy, I’d be fabricating a conclusion to a scenario of which I have no experience.  I was only the kid, so who the hell am I to pretend to know what it was like to raise me and my sister?  The best guess that I could come up with is this:  Really.  Fucking.  Hard.

I sat for a moment today and thought about how I was coming up on my 100th official post on KennethAuthor and reflected on the past year and what I have been able to accomplish in that time.  Starting with Ray Guilfoyle at letting me join up as a blog writer for fantasy sports, finally getting back into a rhythm on writing articles again.  Then seeing the website grow exponentially in that year and getting recognition from and feeling proud that I had a small part in that.  From there, Danny Kelly at asked me if I wanted to write for my favorite Seahawks blog.  Hell yes, that was like a dream come true.  From OkCupid I came across the profile of Jen Friel at and asked if I could get a guest spot and she graciously allowed me to post something every Thursday on her amazing website.

In addition to all of that, Danny asked me to help write on so that I could write on all things Seattle sports and I even recently started a YouTube channel for FieldGulls, finally starting to realize my dream of turning written word into video.  Back in December, I reached out to fellow TNTML writer Melodie Tao about any advice she could give me on marketing and she suggested that I start my own blog and have yet another medium to write, except now I could write about anything under the sun.  It was awesome to be able to become a writer on already established websites, but to be able to see KennethAuthor grow and then get FreshlyPressed… it all made my heart swell up with pride and think that maybe I could finally be on my way to become a professional writer.

So an immense Thank You to Ray, Danny, Jen, and Melodie.  Without you guys, I don’t know where I’d be today.

And without my mom I would have never met any of you.

Thank you Mom for everything you’ve done.  Thank you for believing with total conviction that I could accomplish my dreams.  Thank you for the thousands of dollars spent on trips to the movie theater, the video store, and the writing teacher.  Thank you for always being proud of my work, even if you sometimes disagreed with it’s content.  Thank you for seeing my vision as well as I could see it myself.  Thank you for being “delusional” and for being a dork.

Today I still sit here as a writer making a few bucks a month and without a movie or an Oscar to my name, but still with the dream kept alive and my mind as sharp as ever.  None of that would have been possible without you Mom, and I wanted to just take this moment to tell you how much your support and guidance means to me.  When I finally get that Oscar nomination, I know just who my date will be…


Love you always,


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